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You did not find yourself here by mistake. Debt relief is only moments away and we can help you achieve your goals! Are you approaching an overwhelming amount of debt and feel you’re losing the battle? Repaying your credit card debt is simple: your budget and lifestyle are the key factors to consider. When debt begins to expand and grow beyond your means, you may feel you’ve lost your grip on your financial situation. “Do I pay my medical bills, pay my electricity bill instead, or should I pay my credit card bill?” These are all too common situations when too much debt has been accumulated.


In the struggle of choosing debt vs life, debt comes second. Life should come first, however… How do you regain control of your debt?

Paying Off Debt While Working with Your Budget

Debt Management Plan (DMP) offered by CCCF was developed in an understanding that anyone can experience financial hardships at any time in life. DMP makes things better to handle. How you might ask?

  • Monthly consolidated payments
  •  DMP that fits your financial situation
  • Reduction in interest rates for most creditors


If you are feeling overwhelmed by debt, a DMP makes it simple and affordable for anyone. If you are ready to resolve your debt, call us now or submit a request online and a certified credit counselor can assist you in making the right decision.

There may be a drop in your score after beginning your DMP. Once your debt is repaid in full, there will be a significant improvement in your score.

During the time of your DMP, all our counseling sessions are secure and confidential. We will only contact your creditors when you decide to start a DMP. This is required to set up a repayment plan.

There is an initial set-up fee, also a small monthly fee. The amount is based on your state of residence and accumulated debt, although there may be eligibility to reduce or waive fees. Call a credit counselor for more details.

You may benefit from a DMP even if you have become delinquent on your credit card accounts. This depends on the severity of the delinquency and the creditor. Accounts may be considered current upon completion of certain DMP repayments.

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